Men’s Group

Join us every Thursday (May – November) at 6:30pm at New Bethel for men’s group! Our men’s group strives to respond in a culturally relevant way to men who know there must be more to their Christian faith.

We eat together, fellowship, discuss various topics, and share with one another – all in attempt to grow closer to each other and in our walks with the Lord. Usually during our “time off” we try to meet periodically for men’s breakfast. Contact Pastor Brent or David Smith for more information or if you have any questions.

Christian men know that the pressures of life set in, there are bills to pay, we can get distracted, the flame burns down, and we can become less and less interested in the work of building the kingdom. How can we build other men in their faith? How can we create an atmosphere of transparency and vulnerability among godly men who just want to be better men, fathers, husbands, brothers and sons? The foundation of us leading a successful men’s ministry is building relationships. We want to foster a sense of community with one another, with real and deep relationships.

Five Responsibilities Of Every Man

Every man must be taught that he must take personal responsibility for his own private life in five areas:

His walk with God
His relationship with his wife
His relationship with his children
His personal finances
His health
Our men’s ministry wants to focus on encouraging other men to take responsibility for their own private lives – in every aspect. Men, no one else can or will do these five things for us.


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