New Bethel’s College-Age Ministry is designed for college and 20-somethings, but if you think you’d be comfortable learning and growing with this group, no matter your age, come join us!

The college-age years and beyond are such crucial years to be involved in a small group community, learning and growing together. It is of utmost importance for us to ground ourselves in biblical teaching while surrounding ourselves with godly people our age as we encounter some of the most life-determining decisions and changes. What us “college-agers” really needs is a trusted group of friends, who are going in the same direction, and maybe a mentor or two who will walk along side us during these transitional years.

As many studies show, most people our age will leave the church. Our small group was formed to go against this sad statistic.  We’re commited to an uninterrupted investment in the lives of people our age – the lives of each other. Our teachings and discussions are applicable to our stage of life. We strive to build relationships with like-minded people through our small group. Come learn, grow, study and engage with us. Let’s grow closer in our walks wit the Lord, let’s learn with and from one another, let’s grow together and reach the world for Christ!

Contact Emily Anderson at church for more information!