“Surge” is a ministry for 6th-12th graders. We are a branch of Outlet Ministries, and Surge is designed to be a community of youth doing life and growing up together in Christ.  


“If I could describe Surge in one word I’d choose REAL. If you visit Surge you will not find a group of perfect teenagers, a perfect leader, or a cleaned up message and discussion. You will find a group of teenagers with real opinions, real questions, and real hearts; you will find a leader who is deeply in love with Jesus and longs for her students to ask the hard questions, explore the difficult terrain of the heart of Jesus, and fall madly in love with their Creator; you will hear a message and discussion that is based out of a real (sometimes messy) place of searching and hunger for the Lord.”

“We are based in the dead center of two communities, three school districts, and quite a few corn fields. We love active, competitive games (especially when it’s warm outside) and a good game of Pictionary. Anyone and everyone is welcome and if you visit us you’ll quickly see how diverse our group is when it comes to our students and their backgrounds. Seriously, we’d love to have you hang out with us.”

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Encounter has been put on hold until further notice. Stay tuned for more information coming September 2017!


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Flame groups are small groups designed to go deeper in one’s relationship with Jesus and be challenged and held accountable through discipleship. There are two Flame groups: a high school group and a middle school group. Middle School Flame Group meets Mondays at 6pm at New Bethel, and High School Flame Group meets Tuesdays at 6pm at New Bethel. See Liz Anderson for more details and to get added to a text list!

Also, make sure to join us for our monthly Surge event on the first Sunday of each month. We’ll usually have a small outing or a get-together at Liz’s house!